We have different environments and appropriate menus for everyone. Adults, family, sports or formal environment; young people and children have a well-defined environment for them.


All the menu suggestions of the different dining rooms keep the traditional dishes that are well-remembered by the members of the Club, classic alternatives from world class cuisine, as well as new cooking tendencies.


We have several dining rooms and sports shelters:



Dining Rooms:


 Tavern and Tavern Deck

Main Dining Room
Fundadores Dining Room
Juvenil Club Dining Room
Soda Fountain



Sports Shelters:


Tennis – Practice Field

Tenis Central

Bar – Men’s Locker Room
Bar – Women’s Locker Room




Contact: Food and Beverages Office
Please, keep us informed about your experience at the dining rooms and/or sports shelters, and send us your suggestions and comments to direcciona&b@countryclubdebogota.com, or call us at 658 2700 ext. 247.