The Country Club of Bogotá was created on September 28, 1917 and, since then, it has strived for excellence in every aspect.


It was in September 1917 when a group of distinguished men from Bogotá decided to found the Country Club of Bogotá. Among them, Joaquín Samper, who had travelled to London and whose source of income was agriculture. Another one was Carlos A. Vengoechea, who had had the chance to play golf in France and who, upon arriving in Colombia in 1913, invited some friends to play this new game. Both men returned from Europe with the same sports interest.


This group of founding members also included Mr. Tomás Samper, Mr. Ulpiano de Valenzuela, Mr. Manuel Sanz de Santamaría, Mr. Eusebio Umaña, Mr. Frank Koppel, and Mr. Álvaro Uribe. They also had the permanent presence of the English ambassador, Mr. Strong, and his successor, Sir Percy Wydnham.

The group kept growing until they decided to found the Country Club of Bogotá and, after several meetings, they had the bylaws approved and appointed the first president, Joaquín Samper, who was a key promoter of the development and growth of the Club. Afterwards, the administrative board appointed the committees as well as the monthly fees of the members, five (5) pesos each, and the entrance fee, in the event of available places, of sixty (60) pesos.


The ladies committee was also organized. Its members were Mrs. Sofía R. de Valenzuela, Mrs. Nina de Valenzuela, Mrs. Amalia de Holguín, and Ms. Julia Parga, Ms. Helena Faux, Ms. Queenie de la Torre, and Ms. Emma Calvo.


It is worth highlighting that etiquette and good behavior were key principles at the Country Club of Bogotá.


Thanks to the work, decision and determination of many years, the Club grew, as well as all its facilities and consequently, real estate properties were eventually changed. The Club began at a small house on 53rd street, then on 85th street and, finally, at the property in Contador where we are currently operating.


The Country Club arrived in Contador when the property was far from the city and the land was flooded. Thanks to the well-known persistence of the Presidents of the Club, work was undertaken in order to embellish the property until reaching the point we are currently at.


Years have passed. Details up to the last one are cared for; the Club is still growing by offering more services and attention to its members.


The Country Club has become a hub for the social and sports life of its members and their guests, a place for leisure and a meeting point for families. Nowadays, it is one of Colombia’s most renowned Clubs, not only because it hosts the most important sports events of the country but also because it is an attractive and inviting place, a green area of the city that helps decrease pollution, as well as a natural space with a great variety of birds and trees.


The fields of the Club have given rise to great players and representatives of golf, tennis, equestrian sports, swimming, and squash: many of them have become national and South American champions.


The joint work of the members and employees of the Club during these memorable 97 years has made it possible for the Country Club to be filled with history as well as sports and social celebrations.


Currently, the Club is focused on its next 100 years. Thanks to our commitment, effort and spirit for sports, they will be as successful as the last 100 years.